Wonderful Feedback

It is always wonderful to be told how much a student has enjoyed learning British Sign Language, and how they are putting it to use. Kathleen has been teaching BSL at The University of Surrey as a language option for the Global Graduate Award, for eight years. Students are able to pick BSL and study a stage 1 and then a stage 2 course.

This is feedback from George who has recently completed stage 1:

“I just wanted to say thank you for your excellent teaching this year for stage 1 BSL. I have thoroughly enjoyed the learning and have picked up the language faster than any other I have studied, mostly due to how interesting and fun I find BSL to learn/converse in. The course has also helped me in my job as swimming teacher as I have coached a few lessons with a Deaf swimmer and although my BSL is very rudimentary, she reported being happy that I could understand her and relay instructions, without the use of a whiteboard or relying on hearing swimmers to demonstrate technique.

“As such I am very grateful for your patience and teaching!”

(The Global Graduate Award is only available to University of Surrey students, but we teach BSL Levels 1 – 6 in Guildford and Woking with new courses commencing in September.)