Use Your BSL – Volunteer on a Sense Holiday

Volunteering on a Sense Holiday is a great opportunity to use your British Sign Language skills or learn new skills like hands-on BSL, deafblind manual or haptics.

Sense are recruiting volunteers with British Sign Language level 2 to 6 to join their teams between July and September this summer. Each volunteer will be matched with an appropriate person. If you are learning BSL but don’t have experience with deafblind, don’t worry – some of the children, young people and adults can communicate through BSL at closer range. It is also a brilliant way to gain experience of different communication skills.

As a volunteer you will be supporting the communication needs of a child, young person or adult as they try new things, make new connections, create memories and have fun! You’ll be part of a team making sure each break is the very best experience it can be for everyone involved.

The seven day breaks take place from June to September throughout England including Derbyshire, Wiltshire and the London canals. Each break is different, and could include swimming, drumming, visits to local attractions, canoeing, dry slope skiing, meals out, or nights in the pub! Volunteering on a Sense Holiday is completely free of charge and all your accommodation, food and activity expenses will be covered.

Read more about volunteering on a Sense holiday on our website or check out our 2018 Sense Holidays Brochure

If you’d be interested in volunteering on our 2018 breaks then please Apply Now Here you can let us know which weeks you’re available, what kind of age group you’d like to work with and what you’d like to get out of volunteering.

If you have any questions get in touch! Email: or Phone: 0300 330 9250