The Most Challenging Thing For Me About Being Deaf

I thought it would be useful to share with you what I find to be the most challenging thing about being Deaf.

For me personally it is doctors appointments. In my experience doctors tend to expect me to be able to lipread everything.

I could try to book an interpreter, but that would often be a 2 week wait and of course I can’t always predict when I will be ill!

I have Deaf friends who feel the same way. If they have hearing family members it isn’t ethical to expect them to be the interpreter.

Many doctors surgeries now have systems to book appointments and view test results online which is extremely helpful; but the face to face with the receptionist, doctor or nurse is often frustrating.

I am quite patient at finding other ways to communicate such as writing notes, but it is why one of our organisation’s goals is Deaf Awareness and BSL training for GP surgeries.