British Sign Language Taster Session

A relaxed sign language taster session for just £15 per person.

Next Taster Course: Saturday 15th January at 1.00pm for an hour on Zoom.

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There’s no doubt about it, COVID has made communicating much harder for all of us. If you’ve tried having a conversation with someone through a mask or a window, you’ll know exactly what we mean.

So wouldn’t it be good if you could communicate using sign language (much quicker than shouting louder or sending a text message). And if you can hear, you probably use some kind of sign language naturally anyway. Think about how many times you’ve waved to someone to say thank you when you’ve been in a car.

The session is interactive (so won’t be boring) and there will be signs which we’re sure you’ll soon want to try with family, friends and work colleagues. 

We will introduce you to the main topics covered in unit 101 of our Signature BSL Level  1 course including;

  • Everyday essentials – meeting and greeting
  • Directions
  • Fingerspelling
  • Numbers, days and months
  • Travel
  • Weather
  • Linguistics – explaining how BSL uses a ‘topic-comment’ structure, structuring of sentences, and the use of timelines and placement
  • Specialist vocabulary tailored to the needs of participants

Following this course, participants may wish to join the first unit of the Level 1 course and take 1 assessment – Signature BSL101. They can then stop or choose to carry on and complete a full Level 1 qualification.

The sessions are likely to be booked up quickly. We will contact you directly to say when the sessions are.

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We can provide private BSL taster sessions – perfect for work online gatherings?


Feedback from previous taster sessions:

“I feel very positive about the session. I had fun learning and how to ask for a coffee and how to say my name.”

“Very useful to have a face to face session and feedback.”

“Very positive. Hungry to learn more.”

“Very insightful to learn about Deaf culture. Very friendly.”

“Challenging – in an exciting and rewarding way.” “Fascinating. Helped being and informal small group.”

“This was a brilliant session! I’ve learnt a lot about BSL and it’s been hugely inspiring.”