Could you communicate with a Deaf BSL user?

Held in coffee shops throughout Surrey –

An informal 1 hour session when we will teach the BSL ‘essentials.’

We will share an insight into Deaf culture, teach you fingerspelling and how to meet, greet and order coffee and cake in a cafe!

This is an opportunity to find out whether a Level 1 course is right for you, or to simply learn some signs and have fun.


We will have more taster sessions in the run up to our next Level 1 courses.

Dates TBC soon.


Feedback from previous taster sessions includes:

“Very insightful to learn about Deaf culture.” “Very friendly.” “Challenging – in an exciting and rewarding way.” “Fascinating. Helped being and informal small group.” “This was a brilliant session! I’ve learnt a lot about BSL and it’s been hugely inspiring.”