Our Work in the Community

Dot Sign Language® is a community organisation and we love visiting youth groups, philanthropic organisations and events to raise both Deaf Awareness and the profile of British Sign Language (BSL.)

Ideal for Cubs, Brownies, Scouts, schools….. One of our Deaf role models teaches the session in BSL and a Communication Support Worker translates.

Children are very quick to embrace BSL as a language without feeling inhibited in the way adults do. They are also able to ask very direct and pertinent questions which lead to interesting discussions afterwards for teachers and team leaders!

We design our sessions specifically for the group, depending on the age of the children and number in the group – this can be from 10 right up to the entire school. The session can link with school curriculum topics or book weeks; or badges which are being studied.

Typically, we discuss growing up Deaf and everyday challenges, and answer any questions the children have. We teach BSL – meeting people, fingerspelling, vocabulary linked to the group e.g. Scout terms and Scout promise / school subjects. We can also teach a song.

Our team are so passionate about what they do that their enthusiasm soon transfers over to children and adults alike. We are happy to run sessions for grown up organisations too!

We do not charge a fixed price, but we do ask for a donation to cover our time and travel expenses.

If you are interested in booking a session for your organisation, or would like us to run a Deaf Awareness event or teach your staff BSL, please contact us.

Kathleen taught BSL to Key Stage 1 and 2 assemblies.

“I just wanted to say thank you both for coming to Beaufort and sharing the knowledge you have. The children really enjoyed this experience. ” Sam Jaycock, Beaufort School, Woking.






“It is always a pleasure to welcome your team to the Royal Grammar School and the boys had a great time. They felt like they learnt a lot in the space of one session with Paul and Lisa. Many thanks to your team for coming. ” – Marie Mc Carter, Head of German & organiser of Languages Day, RGS




St Mary's CofE Infant School - Google Images“The assembly with Dot Sign Language was great and our children really enjoyed learning the signs for the colours and members of their family.  Highly informative and recommended.” – Serena Roberts Headteacher, St Mary’s CofE Infant School, Godalming



“Thank you so much for coming out to visit us, the girls enjoyed learning the signs and asking questions. It was a really informative session and it kept the girls engaged throughout. Many parents commented that the girls had showed the signs they’d learnt when they got home and some of the girls had even been practising their signs during the week after and showed them to us last Tuesday.” Wrecclesham Rainbows






“Very good. Very interesting and informative.” Caterham Scouts. “The best way to keep a group of Scouts quiet on a Friday evening!” – Scout leaders.








“Thank you very much Kathleen and Clair for coming to visit our cub pack last night. The  children really enjoyed learning all about what it’s like to be deaf, and to learn some sign language. I have told them that I will be testing them at the end of the term to see if they have learnt how to fingerspell their name.” – Cub leader






“I just wanted to extend a thank you to Pauline and Jan. It was a brilliant session, and I saw a lot of the girls showing their parents what they had learnt when they were picked up at the end.” – Fiona – Rainbow leader