Congratulations To Our Recent Level 6 Students

We’re so thrilled to announce that all students including Rachel Shenton achieved the Level 6 qualification and passed all units with very high marks.

We have very special and important news about our Level 6 pupils. We have recently received their results and we are delighted to announce that all students achieved the Level 6 qualification, each passed all units with very high marks.

A truly magnificent outcome and very well deserved. We are so proud of you all for achieving such terrific results especially during the pandemic – such challenging times.

We congratulate Rachel Shenton, Debbie Jerrom, Elaine Scarlett, Ruth Bannister, Lucy Fraser, Sue Barrow, and Katie Howman. We look forward to celebrating with you all when safer times are here.

When the Covid lockdown happened last March it did threaten our Level 6 course. Although the students had completed their first 3 units they still had the last three left to do. While the awarding body, Signature, was happy to allow the Level 1, 2 and 3 assessments to take place online it would not allow this to happen for Level 4 and Level 6 assessments because of the professional nature of these higher qualifications.Fortunately, lockdown was relaxed during the Summer and early Autumn.

So our teachers and students could get back to face-to-face rather than online teaching. They also managed and to complete their last three assessments, face-to-face, before we were put back into lockdown.For anyone thinking of studying for the BSL level 6 qualification,

Here’s what our students said:

Rachel Shenton ‘Thank you very much – I’m so thrilled. Thanks for everything’

Debbie Jerrom – ‘Thank you for all your hard work and excellent teaching. I thoroughly enjoyed the course.”

Elaine Scarlett – ‘Thank you for my results much appreciated and relieved to have passed. It has been a positive experience despite the interruption of the pandemic and changes to how teaching was delivered.”

Ruth Bannister – ‘I am very happy to have completed and passed my level 6. It was a difficult time to undertake a qualification. :

Lucy Fraser – ‘Thank you so much to Kathleen and Terry, who were amazing teachers. “

Sue Barrow – ‘I am so proud of myself and the group of how well we did during this difficult time, it a testament to the hard work that everyone has put in’.

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