NHS Engagement Report- Interpretation and Translation Services in Primary Care

Our local NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) are committed to improving access to primary care services in a way that ensures a person’s language and communication needs don’t prevent them from receiving the same quality of healthcare as others. This includes Deaf BSL users.

At Dot Sign Language we felt it was important to attend the engagement workshop and share our experiences from Deaf Awareness training we have provided for GP practices, primarily for receptionists and nursing staff.

Following the workshop it was our pleasure have discussions with the Senior Engagement and Equality Manager, Amraze Khan, who was very keen to make the surveys accessible to BSL users. With Sight for Surrey he produced a BSL survey which we previously shared.

Responses from the BSL survey include:

“If there isn’t an interpreter, how am I going to communicate with the GP? And if it’s something serious to do with my health – if I’m ill and it’s something really bad and the communication isn’t good – then that could have a long term impact on my health.”

“I think the thing that would make the most significant difference is by people being deaf aware.”

Please click the link  for the report for Guildford and Waverley CCG.

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