New Book Release Exploring Deaf Education

Author, activist, and advocate Paddy Ladd has written Seeing Through New Eyes, Deaf Culture and Deaf Pedagogies: The Unrecognized Curriculum, a masterpiece in the exploration of Deaf Education. After hundreds of interviews, research, and discussions with Deaf educators from around the world, Ladd documents the innate wisdom and intelligence of Deaf educators, and recognizes the “curriculum” inside these natural teachers.

Paddy Ladd – Author

Ladd says, “Many books have been written by hearing authors on Deaf education. Until now, there are no books that focus solely on Deaf educators written by a Deaf author.” 

“It’s exciting, and a great honor for DawnSignPress to publish Ladd’s newest book, stated Tina Jo Breindel, President of the San Diego-based publishing house, “it shines a light on equity in Deaf Education.”

You can find out more details here.