Magazine Team Learn Sign Language For Colleague

It was such a joy delivering Deaf Awareness training for Rare Revolution Magazine.

The digital magazine gives a voice to those affected by RARE conditions and the charities that represent and support them.

One of their colleagues is sadly losing their hearing so the team have decided to learn some Sign Language and undertake Deaf Awareness Training.

Brilliant. What a great thing to do.

Nicola Miller, co-founder and editor, @RareRevolutionMagazine kindly said:

β€œIt is really important to us that we have an inclusive work culture for all of our team, and so the Deaf Awareness training was a wonderful opportunity for us to better understand how we can support a member of our staff who is hearing impaired, as well as aiding our communication strategies with our diverse community.

“The session was informative, fun and thought provoking. We all greatly enjoyed learning with Kathleen and Sammy and are looking forward as a company to building on this learning and progressing on our collective BSL journey together.”

We hope more people will learn British Sign Language.


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