Level 3 or Pre-Level 3? What is the difference?

Dot are running both courses, starting in September 2019. Both are appropriate for students who have completed BSL Level 2, but are different in their content and aim.

BSL Level 3 will run over an academic year. It includes 3 assessments which when passed will provide a recognised Signature qualification. Participants will learn BSL linguistics and study many aspects of Deaf culture, education, history and home life. They will be able to understand and use varied BSL in a range of work and social situations. This qualification is ideal for those using BSL in their work role; with Deaf family, friends or colleagues; or for Deaf people wanting a qualification in their own language. It is equivalent in standard to A-Level.

BSL Pre-Level 3 is a ‘bridging’ course for those who have passed BSL Level 2 and want to go on to achieve the Level 3 Certificate but feel that they need more practice and experience. This is a relaxed course, and is beneficial to those wanting to improve their BSL vocabulary, grammar; conversation and receptive skills. It is also useful for students who wish to continue learning British Sign Language but do not wish to take an assessment.

Please contact us to ask any questions about the courses and to discuss which would be more suitable for you.