Looking To Learn A New Skill & Help Others? Learn British Sign Language

Want to learn a new skill in a fun and sociable environment that could also help others?

Did you know that about one third of the UK population aged between 60-70 years and ¾ quarters of the population aged over 70 (1 in every 7 people) have a hearing loss?(1) And that hearing loss increases sharply with age?  

Deaf people and those with hearing loss can often face barriers dealing with everyday situations. Imagine trying to explain your symptoms to a doctor’s receptionist if you are hard of hearing.

In fact, research shows that 50%(2) of D/deaf people avoid seeing their doctors because of communication issues.

Read more about dealing with Deaf patients from a Doctor’s view point.

Kathleen from Dot Sign Language

“Someone trying to do British Sign Language (BSL) really goes a long way,” says Kathleen Grehan, who is herself Deaf.

Kathleen runs the non-for-profit sign language school, Dot Sign Language.

“Even simple gestures such as ‘how are you?’ or a comment on the weather can help brighten up a day.”

Kathleen is now developing an informal and fun 7 week (approx 20 hours) introductory to BSL programmme – ideal for groups of 10-15 people. The sessions take place at nearby church halls or similar.

To find out more, get in touch today.

“Many years ago I was on a ferry to Ireland and saw a group of people signing. I wanted to be able to join in, and ever since I have wanted to learn British Sign Language.

“Previously I worked as a nurse and believe that nurses should all be taught Deaf Awareness and some signing as part of their training. It would really help to be able to communicate even basically with Deaf patients when there is no interpreter there. I also think BSL should be taught in schools.

It has been interesting for me to learn that some deaf people can speak as well as sign. I am also enjoying learning and meeting new people. The challenge is remembering the signs and finding opportunities to practise between classes. – Clodagh.” BSL Level 1 Student.