Kathleen & Paul Work with Epsom & St Helier Hospitals

Dot Sign Language were contacted by the University Trust in order to improve patient experience. They booked Deaf Awareness and British Sign Language sessions at both Epsom and St Helier hospitals for their reception teams; Epsom on Tuesday, St Helier today.

We at Dot are passionate about breaking down communication barriers faced by Deaf patients when trying to access healthcare. Too often Deaf people are left frustrated and confused at medical appointments. For this reason we jumped at the opportunity to go to the hospitals to share facts about the Deaf world and to teach fingerspelling and phrases in BSL.

Teachers Kathleen Grehan and Paul Dench led a hands-on workshop in which attendees learnt how to meet and greet patients, express basic medical terms and give directions in BSL.

Thank you Suzanne Tyne, Matron for Improving Patient Experience, for initiating and organising the sessions. We hope other hospitals will follow your example. Contact us to discuss workplace training.