Kathleen Interviewed on Brooklands Radio

This morning Kathleen Grehan, Director of Dot Sign Language, was interviewed on Brooklands Radio by DJ Tim Mitchell. Reaching audiences throughout Surrey, the show will be aired this Saturday afternoon between 3 and 6pm. It will be possible to listen either live or after this date via the Brooklands Radio website. https://www.brooklandsradio.co.uk/

Kathleen was keen to discuss the history of Dot Sign Language, how she teaches BSL, and the Deaf Awareness training sessions she and her team teach to businesses and within the community. Kathleen feels that awareness of BSL is increasing, and that more and more hearing people want to be able to communicate with the Deaf Community. As well as the courses available to the public, it has been very encouraging to see the uptake of training by businesses as they realise the need of being accessible to Deaf colleagues and customers.

The audience of a radio show is a hearing one, so Kathleen worked with her CSW (Communication Support Worker.) After the show has aired we will link a written transcript of what Kathleen said to the website.