Interested In British Sign Language For The First Time?

It’s been really encouraging to see more people especially during this lockdown period interested in learning British Sign Language (BSL).

It does make a big difference when someone can sign (even just a few basic gestures).

If you’re coming across BSL for the first time, here’s a bit about it.

BSL is the language used by the Deaf Community in the UK. – It’s now recognised as one of the four indigenous languages in the British Isles.

It has its own grammar and syntax, very different from the grammatical rules of English.

It uses both manual and non-manual components: hand shapes and movements, facial expression and body movements.

BSL is described by linguists as a ‘topic-comment language’. This means that sentences start with the topic followed by a comment. For example in English we say: ‘What is your name?’ In BSL this would be signed “Name you what?”

We you too will be able to learn this wonderful language. Details of our next taster session can be found here.