How We’re Keeping Our Courses Covid-Safe

With new courses starting in the Autumn, I explain how our students and teachers will be kept safe.

We can only guess what the situation will be with Covid in the Autumn but we can tell you that we are working hard to ensure that our new courses will run in September/October as effectively as possible. 

This will be either in classrooms (face-to-face) or virtually on Zoom. There is also a possibility that we may use a combination of both methods. 

We have made all the necessary preparation to comply with current Government and venue guidelines to be able to return to the classroom. 

For example, we have written risk assessments for our various venues and written guidelines for students on the use of PPE and social distancing etc. So we are prepared to return to the classroom – if we are allowed to do so -in the Autumn.

Delivering Courses Live Online 

Dot Sign Language Zoom

In the last four months, we have learnt a great deal about delivering lessons on Zoom. 

We admit that when we first started using Zoom for lessons there were teething problems not just with the technology. As we progressed with Zoom, we have increased the length of the Zoom sessions and the size of the classes. 

Our teachers have become more adept at using Screen Share to share documents and video clips – especially with our Level 3, 4 and 6 students. 

Also, they have learnt how to use Breakout rooms so that students can work together in groups with supervision from the teacher. This more closely mirrors the more normal classroom environment. 

So we believe that we are in a much better position to deliver effective lessons at all levels in the Autumn.

We look forward to welcoming you on one of our courses very soon.


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