Flexible Deaf Awareness & British Sign Language Sessions

Whether your team require a half day or full day of training, or maybe you would like a one or two hour taster within a conference, or after work; we can design a workplace training event to suit your needs.

Perfect to make your workplace accessible and welcoming to deaf customers, demonstrate your company’s commitment to equality, and use as a motivation team-building session.

Taught by a Deaf teacher and translated into spoken English by a qualified BSL interpreter, we can cover the following topics:

  • Deaf Awareness – What does it mean to be Deaf / deaf?
  • What challenges might a deaf customer have when accessing your services, and importantly what can every staff member do to optimise accessibility?
  • The laws pertinent to your workplace e.g The Equality Act 2010, and what adaptations you must make.
  • What is British Sign Language (BSL)?
  • An introduction to BSL- learn how to meet and greet, make appointment bookings, give directions, fingerspell…. We can include specific vocabulary for your workplace.

If you choose, we can keep the session focused on practical British Sign Language learning.

All sessions are CPD (Continuing Professional Development) accredited, 1 hour training = 1 CPD point.

Please email or phone 01483 222245 to discuss what we can do for you.