Festival Fun

Always the Sun returned to Stoke Park and brought a festival promising to champion the wealth of creativity on our doorstep. From music stages hosting the best in breakthrough artists, alternative folk acts, drama workshops and a myriad of street food stands; there was something for everyone.

The Imaginarium area was tantalisingly described as a place to let your inner child roam free to wander – exploring what it is to play, with feats of physical prowess and sensory workshops. What better place to drop in on Dot Sign!

With 1 in 6 of the UK population affected by hearing loss, the importance of introducing everyone to BSL cannot be understated. The team from Dot Sign held fingerspelling workshops where children and adults alike discovered how to sign their names in BSL, and were delighted to answer questions from festival goers about Deafness and signing.

The crowds couldn’t fail to be captivated by the beautiful, expressive signing to John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’. A favourite session was learning to sign ‘I Can Sing a Rainbow’- a crash course in BSL with song sheets and enthusiastic tuition, proving that learning can be fun!