Explaining BSL Level 3 and Pre-Level 3 in BSL

Tamara has been with Dot Sign Language all week on a work experience placement. Growing up with Deaf parents who are both BSL users, Tamara is a fluent signer.

She has taken BSL Levels 1 and 2 with Dot, and last year challenged herself to Level 3. This required her to study BSL linguistics as well as demonstrate her signing and receptive skills. She passed this at age 14, an achievement to be extremely proud of as it is equivalent to A-level standard.

On this video clip which Tamara wrote and signed on her work placement (filmed in one take!) she explains the difference between the Level 3 course and the Pre-Level 3.

Anyone who is currently Level 2 standard, we encourage you to join one of these courses.

The video does not have subtitles.