European Social Fund sponsorship – Dot Students celebrate their success with a Tea Party

Dot received a grant from the European Social Fund (ESF) to enable 10 unemployed men and women the opportunity to study BSL Level 3 free of charge over a six month period. The students were of all ages, Deaf and hearing, from all walks of life. The course was very intensive, consisting of up to 9 hours tuition a week over the 6 months.

The diverse backgrounds of the students meant they brought a wide range of strengths (and weakness) to the group but they quickly became a very supportive team. By the end of the course six of the students had found employment, of these two were using their BSL skills at work. Most had achieved at least one of the Level 3 units, all hope to finish their Level 3 shortly.
Dot was delighted to report the successful outcome of this BSL Level 3 Project to their sponsors at ESF.

Dot Sign Language is anxious to find further funding to sponsor other such BSL projects, let us know if you can help.