Dot Provide BSL Video for Welcome by Neatebox app

The Dot team were very excited to be approached by Gavin Neate – entrepreneur, and founder of Neatebox. He asked us if we could provide a short video of very basic signs to help customer service staff greet Deaf BSL users.

We think ‘Welcome by Neatebox’ is an extremely innovative app which has the potential to dramatically improve customer service by enabling staff to understand a wide variety of disabilities. By being more informed these staff members will feel more confident how to communicate, and this will make their place of work more accessible and welcoming.

A person with a disability (or communication barrier such as being deaf) can download the app free. Companies subscribe to the app. When the disabled or Deaf person is near that business the business is alerted by GPS from their mobile phone. Staff are able to quickly access information about that disability. In the case of Deaf customers, they will be able to see Dot Sign Language’s film of our teacher Paul signing and learn some basic phrases! This is not a substitute for qualified interpreters, it is about breaking down barriers. We hope it will also inspire more people to learn BSL.

To download the Welcome by Neatebox app

To see our BSL video click here