Dot and Deaf Awareness Week, 15th – 21st May 2017

Dot joined with instructors from Aldershot Snowsports for the Disabled (ASD) to sponsor and organise a Free Ski Taster session, to celebrate Deaf Awareness Week.

Thirteen children and their parents turned up. These included Deaf children and their hearing brothers and sisters. Twelve volunteers, including ski instructors, CSWs and BSL interpreters helped make the evening a great success. It was lovely to see such brilliant communication going on between hearing and Deaf skiers and helpers. The event, held on Monday 15th May, was truly in the spirit of Deaf Awareness week which promotes communication and understanding between Deaf and Hearing people….we also identified some Olympic skiers of the future!

Many thanks to all who turned up and to Active Nation, Alpine Snowsports, Aldershot,  who allowed us free use of the slope.