Do Many People Over 70 Learn British Sign Language?

A question we’re often asked is this one:

Q: I have noticed my hearing declining. I am 70. Do you have many people my age learning sign language in your classes?

A: You are definitely not alone. In the UK more than 40% of people over 50 years old are affected by hearing loss, increasing to over 70% of people age 70+.

Hearing loss can lead to a reluctance to take part in social activities, to feeling left out of conversations, isolation and loneliness.

If you haven’t already, see your GP and ask for a referral to an NHS audiologist. Currently fewer than half of people who could benefit from hearing aids have them. There is also the option of visiting a private audiologist.

You would not be the only person your age who has studied with us.

At Dot Sign Language we are contacted by more and more people who alongside wearing hearing aids, want to learn British Sign Language (BSL) to aid communication.

Often this is when they know their hearing will continue to decrease and they want to prepared.

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