Deaf Awareness with Dot……a great success!

Skiers, instructors, Deaf and hearing worked together to learn some BSL and to explore a BSL lexicon for skiers.

To celebrate Deaf Awareness week Dot Sign Language and the club, Aldershot Snowsports for the Disabled (ASD) organised a social/workshop evening with a purpose. The idea was to teach our hearing ski instructors some BSL but also to create a lexicon of non-technical and technical signs that relate to skiing that will be useful for skiers and instructors, hearing and Deaf.


The group split into teams. The teams had fun and games competing against each other to see who could teach their hearing  members to fingerspell their names and learn some simple signs, the quickest!

Each team then got down to the serious business of exloring the different terms that relate to skiing and how they can be converted into BSL signs


DAWAdrianSome of the workshop groups were filmed with the intention of putting together a DVD of BSL signs that relate to skiing. This DVD will be finalised in the near future and will be a very useful resources for both Deaf skiers and their hearing ski instructors.




If anyone is interested in this project and would like more information please contact us.