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Looking for deaf awareness training in London and the South East?

With years of experience in teaching British Sign Language, Dot Sign Language is the training provider you can trust.


Approximately 9 million people in the UK have a hearing loss and 50,000 deaf people in the UK use British Sign Language (BSL) as their first or preferred language – source Deaf Aware.

Anyone who provides services to the public must comply with The Equality Act 2010. This means that nobody is discriminated against and that everyone has equal opportunities.

Three Hour Workshops

We can deliver three hour tailor-made deaf awareness workshops for your team at your premises anywhere in London and the South East. In the workshops, we’ll teach the signs you need. We’ll also include deaf awareness issues which need covering.

We work with a wide range of businesses and organisations, including the NHS and the University Of Surrey.


  • Ensure your company is accessible to Deaf customers.
  • Comply with your legal obligations under The Equality Act
  • Motivate your staff – they will learn a new skill.

What our students are saying:

“Just finished Level 3 linguistics with Kathleen. So enthusiastic and encouraging, learnt loads of new vocabulary and plenty of time for signing practice. Linguistics was very thorough and I have a clear set of notes to study from. Looking forwards to next term :)”

Clair Buttery

“I decided to learn BSL to expand my skill set, and be able to better communicate with others. Kathleen Grehan was amazing, very patient and easy going. I arranged private one-to-one sessions and they were simply brilliant. I enjoyed the sessions and each week received a video of the signs I had learned to help me practice. I passed Level 1 and I am now planning to start Level 2 sessions shortly.”

Lynn Toynton

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