Deaf Awareness – Full Day (5 Hours) – Face-To-Face

Training outline:

  • Causes and variations of deafness
  • Communication methods
  • Use of technology
  • Supporting Deaf employees and customers
  • Deaf facts
  • Interactive Fingerspelling & BSL Tutorial
  • BSL signs tailored to your organisation’s needs
  • Q & A

This full day training session provides in-depth information and discussion relating to deaf awareness. It will give you a basic understanding of deafness, communication tips and methods. 

We’ll also explain how to best support deaf customers and employees, and we’ll share insights into deaf culture and our community. Our interactive and fun session provides opportunities to discuss topics through breakout rooms. 

The course gives an opportunity to learn basic BSL fingerspelling, basic sign and vocab linked to your organisation terminology in a fun and interactive way.

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What People Are Saying…

“Everybody should take this course to gain a greater confidence and a better awareness of how to make their workplace and services more inclusive for deaf colleagues and service users!”

“A great chance to learn the best ways for deaf and hearing people communicate and to practise BSL, even if you have never tried it before This Deaf Awareness Training was everything I could have hoped for.”

“People introducing me to a wonderful community. I feel confident enough in able to talk to convey simple information to a member of the Deaf Community now and I will definitely endeavour to learn more!”

Kathleen Grehan - Tutor