Deaf Awareness – 3 Hours Face-To-Face

Training outline:

  • Causes and variations of deafness
  • Communication methods
  • Non manual features and lip reading
  • Use of technology
  • Supporting Deaf employees and customers
  • Deaf facts
  • Q & A
  • Interactive Fingerspelling & BSL Tutorial



This Deaf Awareness training will give you a basic understanding of deafness, communication tips and methods. 

We’ll also explain how to best support deaf customers and employees, and we’ll share insights into deaf culture and our community. Our interactive and fun session provides opportunities to discuss topics in small groups. 

The training also includes interactive BSL and Fingerspelling tutorials with our team.

For more information, please contact us.

What People Are Saying…

“The presenter used a variety of methods and encouraged participation by the room regularly, and to good effect.”

“Great course! I learnt a lot and am glad I took the time to come for this training. It was simply presented and the pace was good for a complete beginner. We had time to learn, then practice in pairs before moving on.”

Kathleen Grehan - Tutor