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BSL order is very different and sometimes we lack the awareness, vocabulary or receptive skill to get the full meaning of a phrase.

Often, it is crucial ‘non-verbal’ connectors that we fail to see. It results in us ‘missing the point’ despite understanding most of the signs. That is frustrating.

In this series of workshops we will completely dissect a range of video clips on various topics. This will increase your vocabulary and improve your receptive, linguistic and grammar skills. Each session will also focus on ‘sticking areas’ that students often struggle with – such as turn-taking convention, mouth pattern, aspect, tenses etc.

‘Improvers’ workshops are for signers of Levels 2, 3, and 4. Each session lasts 2 hours and are £20.00 each. This is discounted to £15.00 per session if you book five or more.

Students will be issued with a certificate of attendance.