An explanation of how to use Zoom

During this difficult time Dot Sign Language want to do everything we can to support your BSL studies. For this reason we will be offering teaching through a video conferencing platform called Zoom.

Zoom is a recognised secure video streaming service. The first time you view the video window please check the top left hand corner. It should have a small padlock symbol. This means that your video chat is secure with end to end encryption.

You will be sent an invitation to a Zoom meeting with an allocated time for you to join, (it is smoother to have one long meeting which students come and go from rather than starting / stopping new meetings.)

You will need a laptop / tablet with a camera set up so you have both hands free to sign.

Tablets and smartphones will need the Zoom app downloaded:

Via App Store:

Via Google Play:

You must reply to our email and give written permission regarding recording on Zoom before you can take part in a session.



Before each of your sessions your teacher – ‘The Host’ – will email a link from Zoom. Before you click on the link make sure there is nothing on your computers active screen that you don’t want people to see. (This will be explained later*.)

How to join a Zoom meeting








  • Click on the link to open the Zoom screen.

How to open Zoom

  • You may go straight through to the video chat or it might ‘pop up’ a box asking you to add in a meeting ID number. This number will be on the email you received. Once you enter the number you click and join the chat.

If you need to copy and paste the meeting ID

  • In the top right hand corner there is a view option box. You can switch between screen views but we recommend you click on ‘Gallery View’ in the top right so you can see your teacher and yourself. Adjust the position of your computer so your teacher can see your face and hands. Check lighting position too so you are not in shadow or in too much light.
  • Click on the toolbar to mute yourself. This is important to comply with our ‘voice off policy’. It is not fair on the Deaf teacher if students are having spoken conversations during the session.
  • To end the video meeting you need to click the ‘End meeting’ box at the bottom right side of the screen.
  • It is possible to ‘mirror’ the screen. Some people find this helpful with regard to which hand to sign with. Go to Settings – see below.

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