Workplace Training

Whether you are a private company, public sector service or NHS provider; our workshops are a great way to find out about issues that affect Deaf friends, family members, employees, work colleagues and customers.

Deaf Awareness Training

Our 90 minute thought provoking interactive sessions cover:

  • Awareness of Deaf issues, people, and culture
  • Understanding how The Equality Act 2010 affects your business
  • Practical steps every employee can take to be Deaf Aware
  • A ‘hands on’ session learning BSL signs relevant to your organisation

See our links for deaf awareness sessions specific for:

BSL Taster Courses

Our 60 minute BSL taster course gives participants the opportunity to develop awareness of Deafness and British Sign Language, and participants gain fingerspelling and basic sign language skills through our interactive teaching sessions.

Our 180 minute BSL taster course is run over three hourly sessions and we will introduce you to the main topics covered in unit 101 of our Signature BSL Level 1 course including;

  • Everyday essentials – meeting and greeting
  • Directions
  • Fingerspelling
  • Numbers, days and months
  • Travel
  • Weather
  • Linguistics – explaining how BSL uses a ‘topic-comment’ structure, structuring of sentences, and the use of timelines and placement
  • Specialist vocabulary tailored to the needs of participants

This course runs monthly (see here) and can also be set up privately for organisations.

Introduction to Sign Language - ‘Unit 101’ Signature

Following our taster courses, you can further your sign language skills online by completing our short 10 week ‘Introduction to Sign Language’ Signature course which includes the option of undertaking our signature 101 assessment.

This is the first unit of the Level 1 course. Attendees can then stop or choose to carry on and complete a full Level 1 qualification.

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Course Delivery & Contact Info

Our courses are delivered by our professional and experienced tutors who are Deaf BSL users. They are the best people to teach their language and answer your questions from personal experience.

They’ll teach the session in BSL – so you can immerse yourselves in sign language.  We provide interpreters to voiceover the sessions.

Our online courses are run on Zoom and we make full use of the tools available to us to ensure our sessions are fun, engaging and interactive.

Contact us  for further information for bookings and pricing options.