BSL Integrated and Interpreted Theatre Performances

Annie Becker is a sign language interpreter and performer. She regularly works with a number of theatres to provide BSL interpreted performances as well as sign integrated performances. A sign integrated performance embeds a signing performer into the action of the play, in costume and interacting with the characters, for example, as a merry man in Robin Hood or a fairy in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. As a sign integrating performer she can either blend with a character, moving with their mannerisms and signing what they are saying, or can banter with them becoming their other half, which is particularly useful when the character is problem-solving or to create comic relief.

This year Annie is working on a number of projects, listed below which we at Dot Sign Language thought you might be interested in. Robin Hood in Camberley in particular is near us.

See Annie’s website for more information:

Sign Integrated Performance – Saturday 12th October at 1:30pm, New Theatre Cardiff, Watermill Theatre on Tour, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Sign Integrated Performance – Saturday 19th October at 2:30pm, Norwich Theatre Royal, Watermill Theatre on Tour, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Sign Interpreted Performance – Saturday 7th December at 2pm, Wilde Theatre at South Hill Park, Aladdin

Sign Integrated Performance – Wednesday 11th December at 2:30pm and Saturday 14th December at 2:30pm, Watermill Theatre, Newbury, The Prince and The Pauper

Sign Integrated Performance – Friday 13th December at 7pm and Friday 27th December at 1pm, Camberley Theatre, Robin Hood

(possibly) Sign Interpreted Performance – Friday 3rd January at 2pm, Creation Theatre at The North Wall Arts Centre, Oxford, The Snow Queen