BSL Corpus – 10 Year Anniversary

A group of Dot students attended the BSL Corpus 10 year celebration on Saturday.

The BSL Corpus Project is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in BSL. Native users from 8 cities in the UK were filmed having conversations in BSL. They have created a publicly accessible, on-line record of BSL

At the 10 year celebration researchers past and current, discussed how the information was collected and analysed, shared their findings including regional variations, variations due to age, and attitudes of BSL users. It was a fascinating day.

We recommend the BSL Corpus for all BSL students – From Level 1 the online dictionary  is a resource of hundreds of signs in one place which can be searched by English word or BSL handshape. As students progress through Level 1 – 6 the videos are excellent for practising receptive skills, identifying and learning regional signs,  learning to sign naturally. The Corpus also includes linguistics which is extremely useful for research essays and information about Deaf culture and history.