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Learn To Finger Spell

Download Our FingerSpelling Sheet

I thought it would be useful to share this FingerSpelling sheet if you’re thinking of learning British Sign Language for the first time. Fingerspelling is used in British Sign Language for names of people, places, new technology; words we don’t know the sign for! As well as letters forming the basis for many other BSL […]

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Masks For Young BSL and Lip-readers

If you are a parent or a guardian, could I specifically encourage you to buy masks for your child which have clear windows. I’m concerned that if the Government make it mandatory to wear masks in corridors and on school transport, it will massively impact communication for young BSL users and lip-readers. It’s likely to […]

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Clair Dot Sign Language

Goodbye Clair

Last week we waved goodbye to Communication Support Worker, Clair Buttery. Clair was with Dot for three years and over that time helped us to increase our Deaf Awareness Training and British Sign language (BSL) teaching activities not only in the community but also further afield in business, the NHS and the commercial world. It […]

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Face coverings

Face coverings must now be worn in shops in England at the end of July. When you are buying masks, please can I ask you to purchase ones which have a clear window. A quick Google search and you will find suppliers. Masks with a clear window allow others to see and read lips and […]

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