AAT – Association of Accounting Technicians – start 10 week BSL Course

The ‘Introduction to BSL’ course got off to an excellent start on Tuesday at AAT head office in London. The team are committed and very keen to learn British Sign Language so they can communicate with their colleague Oliver who is a Deaf BSL user.

Kathleen taught the first class incorporating Deaf Awareness, communication tips and fingerspelling. Next week they will start learning signs for meeting and greeting, roleplaying, and vocabulary linked to their workplace.

The Signature BSL101 course (Introduction to BSL) has set criteria which we include, but also gives plenty of scope to teach vocabulary and scenarios which staff use in their role. We will be teaching lots of accounting and computer terms which will be interesting. On completing the course and passing the assessment, attendees will achieve a recognised qualification.

The course was offered primarily to Oliver’s direct colleagues, but was so popular that Kathleen will also be teaching a one-off BSL taster workshop to other AAT staff next week.

If you would like a 10 week course or one-off session in your workplace please contact us for more information.