Would you like to learn British Sign Language?


At Dot Sign Language we are aware of your concerns regarding your courses and assessments, and also of the need to keep yourselves, families and the wider community safe.

As a small business we are also concerned, and thank you for the patience and understanding you are all showing at this difficult time.

All of our classes have been replaced by Zoom video conferencing so your BSL teacher can teach you in 1:1 sessions and later as small groups from your homes. 

You will receive regular emails explaining the plan for your course, as well as invitations to your Zoom sessions.

How to use Zoom

Please don’t worry if this is new to you, our teachers and Communication Support Workers are here to help.

This will be supported by regular homework. Signature are being flexible with assessments to ensure that these can take place.


If you are interested in learning British Sign Language (BSL) Level 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6,  you have come to the right place! Dot has been established in Surrey for many years, is professional and fully compliant with Signature Centre Approvals. We are now taking bookings for Autumn 2020.

Our teachers are all Deaf BSL users and are passionate about the language. Their aim is to make your learning experience as enjoyable and rewarding as possible.

If you have a Deaf child, please contact us about funding.

We are also highly experienced providers of Deaf Awareness and BSL workplace training. Having taught businesses including Heathrow, Crown Prosecution Service, SCOR London, Lloyds of London, Department for International Development, Specsavers, Willmott Dixon, the NHS to name a few; we are expert in creating and delivering bespoke training sessions.


  • High Pass Rates

    Students receive recognised qualifications

  • Experienced and Friendly Qualified Teachers

    Our teachers are dedicated to delivering, high quality, interesting lessons to inspire learning

  • Bespoke Workplace Training

    Deaf awareness and British Sign Language training to improve communication with Deaf colleagues and customers

Val Pascual

“Learning BSL has given me a far greater insight into the Deaf World. It has helped me understand more about Deaf Culture and increased my ability and confidence to communicate with Deaf people.”

— Val Pascual

Hannah Knell

“BSL Level 3 has changed my life. I am now working as a full time teaching assistant at a bilingual BSL school, working with five deaf children…  I owe my teacher, at Dot, a lot, she was incredibly patient. I would not have got this far without her.”

— Hannah Knell


“The BSL Level 3 Project was a hugely positive step forward for me.  It gave me confidence by learning alongside Deaf and hearing students and mixing with them socially.  It has opened my mind to another culture and brought some wonderful people into my life.  It has made me all the more determined to use my BSL in future work”. 

— Keri Cooper