Would you like to learn British Sign Language?

Covid-19 Information – Autumn 2020 Courses

We are currently running some face-to-face lessons, using appropriate social distancing measures, other classes are being run online via Zoom. Click here for further information.

This January, we are running online BSL Taster Sessions via Zoom. A wonderful and different Christmas gift for your family and friends to make a fun start in 2021. Find Out More today.

*New BSL Course Bookings for Level 1, 4 and 6 starting January 2021*

 Visit our courses page to find out more, book your course online, or contact us for further information. We look forward to welcoming you to Dot Sign Language Classes. 

Dot has been established in Surrey for many years, is professional, insured and fully compliant with Signature Centre Approvals.

Our teachers are all Deaf BSL users and are passionate about the language. Their aim is to make your learning experience as enjoyable and rewarding as possible.

If you have a Deaf child, please contact us about funding.


  • High Pass Rates

    Students receive recognised Signature qualifications

  • Bespoke Workplace Training

    Deaf awareness and British Sign Language training to improve communication with Deaf colleagues and customers

  • Professionally Insured

    Experienced teachers take students' learning seriously

Val Pascual

“Learning BSL has given me a far greater insight into the Deaf World. It has helped me understand more about Deaf Culture and increased my ability and confidence to communicate with Deaf people.”

— Val Pascual

Hannah Knell

“BSL Level 3 has changed my life. I am now working as a full time teaching assistant at a bilingual BSL school, working with five deaf children…  I owe my teacher, at Dot, a lot, she was incredibly patient. I would not have got this far without her.”

— Hannah Knell


“The BSL Level 3 Project was a hugely positive step forward for me.  It gave me confidence by learning alongside Deaf and hearing students and mixing with them socially.  It has opened my mind to another culture and brought some wonderful people into my life.  It has made me all the more determined to use my BSL in future work”. 

— Keri Cooper