Our Work in the Community

Dot Sign Language® is a Community Not-for-Profit organisation – it is what separates us from other ‘profit based’ language teaching businesses. We pride ourselves on working anywhere and everywhere to raise both Deaf Awareness and the profile of BSL as a language in its own right.

Hearing people have an almost total lack of knowledge about BSL, the numbers of Deaf people in the country, the difference between mild, moderate, severe and profound hearing loss, and no comprehension of the difficulties that Deaf people face on a daily basis in the UK.

For adults, our team give informative talks to groups such as The Round Table, The U3A, and other philanthropic organisations and charities. We make these interactive to lighten a subject which is very thought provoking.

For children, our sessions are much more fun. We introduce BSL through Question and Answer sessions or a translation of a short song into BSL. Children are very quick to embrace BSL as a language without feeling inhibited in the way adults do. They are also able to ask very direct and pertinent questions which lead to interesting discussions afterwards for teachers and team leaders.

We visit Scouts, Brownies, Home Education groups and schools and design our sessions specifically. They will vary depending on the age of the children and number in the group – this can be from 10 right up to the entire school. The sessions blend in with particular school curriculum topics or book weeks. We are very flexible and can attend short morning assemblies, Q&A sessions, whole classroom lessons, whole teaching days and after school clubs.

Our team are so passionate about what they do that their enthusiasm soon transfers over to children and adults alike.
On a more serious note, we also deliver professional workplace training to businesses and NHS health care and social care providers. Our goal is for every public facing company to have a ‘go-to’ person who can communicate using British Sign Language.

If you would like to consider a BSL afterschool club, a BSL Q&A Assembly, would like us to run a Deaf Awareness event or teach your staff BSL, please contact us.

St Mary's CofE Infant School - Google Images“The assembly with Dot Sign Language was great and our children really enjoyed learning the signs for the colours and members of their family.  Highly informative and recommended.” – Serena Roberts Headteacher, St Mary’s CofE Infant School, Godalming.