Introduction to British Sign Language »

If you don’t have time to commit to a full Level 1 course right now or just want to learn the basics, we can offer short introductory courses.

If you can get a group together and have a venue you can host training we are happy to come to you for training. Perfect for workplaces, community organisations or groups of friends; we can come to you at a time which suits. Course price quote is dependent on location and size of group.

BSL Level 1 Award »

This course is designed to give students a basic ability to communicate with Deaf people using BSL in familiar day-to-day environments such as work, school or college, and social occasions.

Level 2 Certificate in British Sign Language »

The Level 2 Certificate follows on from Level 1 and develops further the ability to communicate using BSL in a range of social and school, college or work-related contexts. Students will be expected to participate in longer and more open-ended exchanges than in Level 1.

Level 2 will be of interest to those wanting to progress onto higher BSL qualifications which are required for certain careers and roles such as a BSL/English Interpreter, Communication Support Worker, Teacher of the Deaf and other jobs working with the Deaf.

Qualification: Signature Level 2 Certificate in British Sign Language (QCF) BSL Level 2
(Ref: QAN500/6105/7, BSL2)

This qualification has been developed in accordance with the National Language Standards at Level 2.

BSL Pre-Level 3 »

Our Pre-Level 3 course is designed to be a ‘bridging’ course for those who have passed BSL Level 2 and want to go on to achieve the Level 3 Certificate but feel that they need more practise and experience. It is also useful for students who wish to continue learning sign language but do not wish to take an assessment.

Level 3 Certificate in British Sign Language »

This course is appropriate for those who wish to study BSL to an advanced level. Reasons for taking the course include: to help communication with family and friend or for other social reasons or simply out of interest. The reasons may be work-related, for example, if a student is dealing with Deaf customers or clients or working with Deaf colleagues.The qualifications is also suitable for Deaf people who would like to achieve a qualification in their own language.

Level 4 Certificate in British Sign Language Studies »

This iBSL qualification aims to further Learners’ experiences and development in communication through British Sign Language (BSL) with Deaf people at an extended level.

A Level 4 course will enable development in functional BSL communication in more depth than at earlier levels, requiring the ability to exchange, present and understand information, ideas, advice and opinions at normal speed, and also develop an awareness of cultural interaction with Deaf people who use BSL. This also means that you can understand discussions, debates or live shows that might be delivered in BSL.

The qualification is also suitable for Deaf people wishing to acquire a qualification in their own language.

For more full course details see see iBSL Level 4.

iBSL qualifications are available to learners age 12+

Please complete a booking form to express your interest.




iBSL Level 6 course »

Due to the success of our current iBSL Level 6 course, Dot Sign Language Director and qualified teacher Kathleen Grehan is excited that it will run again from September 2018.

This qualification is equivalent to those for Modern Foreign Languages at Honours Degree level. It is the penultimate qualification required before a learner can take the Level 6 Interpreting qualifications required to become a registered British Sign Language interpreter.


1 to 1 Tutorials »

Our teachers are happy to arrange 1 to 1 private tuition when requested. Students require these services for various reasons, for example, to catch up on work missed, to help with areas that some students may find challenging, to fast-track through a qualification.

BSL Taster Sessions »

These sessions are informal and relaxed and designed to give students a glimpse into the world of BSL. We hope a taster session is as much a social experience as it is a learning experience for those who come along.

BSL Workshops Vocabulary, Receptive & Linguistics »

BSL order is very different and sometimes we lack the awareness, vocabulary or receptive skill to get the full meaning of a phrase.

Often, it is crucial ‘non-verbal’ connectors that we fail to see. It results in us ‘missing the point’ despite understanding most of the signs. That is frustrating.

In this series of workshops we will completely dissect a range of video clips on various topics. This will increase your vocabulary and improve your receptive, linguistic and grammar skills. Each session will also focus on ‘sticking areas’ that students often struggle with – such as turn-taking convention, mouth pattern, aspect, tenses etc.

‘Improvers’ workshops are for signers of Levels 2, 3, and 4. Each session lasts 2 hours and are £20.00 each. This is discounted to £15.00 per session if you book five or more.

Students will be issued with a certificate of attendance.

Workplace Training »

  • Ensure your company is accessible to Deaf customers.
  • Comply with your legal obligations under The Equality Act.
  • Motivate your staff
  • Gain CPD (Continuing Professional Development) points for the session.

Whether you are a private company, a public-sector service or an NHS provider of health or social care, we can provide a Deaf Awareness session tailor-made to meet your needs.

We discuss what it means to be a Deaf customer or patient, knowing what laws apply to your place of work, and think about practical steps every employee can take to make the business accessible and welcoming to a Deaf British Sign Language user. The majority of the session is ‘hands-on’ learning BSL signs. We will teach the signs you need, and incorporate Deaf awareness issues which you need covering.

Whether you need 1 hour, 2 hours, a half day, full day or multiple sessions; we will design bespoke training to suit your needs.