Level 1 Award in BSL Studies

This course is designed to give students a basic ability to communicate with Deaf people using BSL in familiar day-to-day environments such as work, school or college, and social occasions.

Learn how to meet & greet, give and understand simple instructions, give directions, discuss the weather. This course includes fingerspelling, dates, times, transport methods and other everyday vocabulary.

Students will start to learn BSL structure, grammar and placement.

In addition to class time, students will be expected to research vocabulary and practise outside class.

Why learn BSL Level 1 Award with Dot?

Our Level 1 teachers are committed to delivering stimulating and enjoyable lessons tailored to meet the needs of all students. Extra support is given where needed so everyone has the best possible chance of gaining the qualification. Students are encouraged to form a strong team and to support each other with their studies.

This last year we have had a 100% pass rate with our Level 1 students, so you know you are in good hands with Dot Sign Language.

Course Schedule

Course hours are dependent on group size. For large groups we will teach 60 classroom hours. For small groups we will condensed the course.

In addition to teaching hours, you will need to do some homework/practice outside of the lessons to get the most out of the course. Many of our students meet up with others to practise together!

Course Units

The qualification consists of 3 units and an assessment for each unit.

The three units are:

  • BSL101  – Introduction to BSL
  • BSL102 – Receptive Skills in BSL
  • BSL103 –Conversational Skills in BSL

Find out more on Signature’s website

Course Pricing

  • £350 for individuals
  • £90 for Assessment Fee
  • £502 for employer funded places (including Assessment Fee)

Fees are payable two weeks before the start of the course but we do offer the option of paying in instalments.

BSL-Level-1- Sept 2018 Instalment-Form

Guildford - BSL Level 1 courses

Guildford September 2018 Course

Monday – 17th September 2018 – July 2019

Time: 6 – 8pm


United Reform Church, 83 Portsmouth Road,   GU2 4BS


How To Find Us

Woking - BSL Level 1 course

Woking September 2018 Course

Saturday – 15th September 2018 – April 2019

Time: 10am- 1pm


The Trinity Methodist Church, Brewery Road, Woking, Surrey, GU21 4LH


Dot Sign Language makes every effort to ensure that courses are run as advertised. However, a course may be cancelled if insufficient students enrol, so please do not delay in signing up!



BSL Level 1 Learning Resources

A good dictionary for Level 1 is  Let’s Sign Dictionary: Everyday BSL for Learners, by Cath Smith ISBN 1-905913-10-9

Other BSL books by Cath Smith can be found on Amazon and other retailers.

Download our Learn to Fingerspell Poster-pdf poster to practice the manual alphabet.

There are online resources and mobile smart phone apps that use moving images.




When searching for BSL resources online but make sure it is BSL you are looking at and not ASL (American Sign Language).



What our Level 1 Students Say

I am learning BSL because my son, who is now 4, was born deaf and I want our whole family to be able to sign with him as well as speak. I did a Family Sign course with Surrey Deaf Children’s Society and am now doing Level 1. I sign in everyday life, especially signs relating to home life with children and school. His school have been brilliant and have taught all the infant classes to sign and how to fingerspell so he can communicate with his friends.

I am enjoying learning something new as well as meeting people on the course, our group is very friendly! Most challenging is remembering new signs, especially the ones which aren’t visual, but our teacher Paul helps us feel confident. – Claire.


Many years ago I was on a ferry to Ireland and saw a group of people signing. I wanted to be able to join in, and ever since I have wanted to learn British Sign Language.

Previously I worked as a nurse and believe that nurses should all be taught Deaf Awareness and some signing as part of their training. It would really help to be able to communicate even basically with Deaf patients when there is no interpreter there. I also think BSL should be taught in schools.

It has been interesting for me to learn that some deaf people can speak as well as sign. I am also enjoying learning and meeting new people. The challenge is remembering the signs and finding opportunities to practise between classes. – Clodagh.