Workplace Training

Dot Sign Language have a workplace training session to suit your organisation. Whether you are a private company, a public-sector service or an NHS provider of health or social care, we can provide a Deaf Awareness session to meet your needs.

For example, NHS providers are legally obliged to comply with The Accessibility Standard. Public-sector services must take ‘positive action’ in line with Public Sector Equality Duty. The Equality Act 2010 affects everyone who provides services to the public.

Deaf Awareness means thinking about what it means to be a Deaf customer or patient, knowing what laws apply to your place of work, and taking practical steps to ensure that you are helping your workplace be accessible and welcoming to a Deaf British Sign Language user.

Our workplace training is run by a Deaf teacher and is interpreted into spoken English throughout, so you can fully immerse yourself in BSL. Thought-provoking and interactive, we encourage questions and aim for every attendee to leave with an action plan to take back to their workplace and implement. Within every session we incorporate ‘hands-on’ learning of signs relevant to you.

Through discussion before the event, we will tailor the session to you, and incorporate signs and issues relating to Deaf awareness that you would like to be covered.


Our workshops are a great way to find out about issues that affect Deaf friends, family members, employees, work colleagues and customers, improve your communication skills and comply with current legislation.

Explicit Protection exists for BSL users

Translation into BSL has legally been deemed a ‘reasonable step’ to take. Many organisations are unaware of how to go about making their information available in an alternative format.
We run cover how to book face-to-face interpreters, Video Relay Services and website BSL video clips.

Why use Dot Sign Language?

The Government’s refusal to grant legal status to British Sign Language continues to hinder social integration. This results in Deaf people regularly being discriminated against, isolated and receiving little or no information in their own language, about important events which affect their lives.

Every organisation, business and public service that runs Deaf Awareness workplace training is taking a valuable step towards equality and inclusion

Workplace Training Costs

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