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People of the Eye- ★★★★★ Play about Deafness, Sign Language and Family

 The DH Ensemble is a professional theatre company of Deaf and hearing actors based across the UK. Their show People of the Eye is coming to the Harlow Playhouse, Arlington Arts Newbury and Nottingham Playhouse. Inspired by real events, this is a story about a family finding their way through unfamiliar territory. A story about parents, sisters and the complex love […]

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Learn to Fingerspell

Fingerspelling is used in British Sign Language for names of people, places, new technology; words we don’t know the sign for! As well as letters forming the basis for many other BSL signs. We have created a lovely new Fingerspelling sheet for anyone new to signing to practise with. Ideal for home, classrooms, offices, Doctors’ […]

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Our community work

One of our favourite things is visiting local Scouts, Cubs, Brownies and Rainbows and teaching them British Sign Language. Often we are asked to come when the children are studying for a badge, and we link into this. We discuss what it was like growing up Deaf and answer all their questions, teach everyday signs […]

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